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Compassion Based

             Resilience Training


Compassion-based Resilience Training (CBRT) is a complete, evidence-based training method of building resilience and well-being of mind, heart, and body using mindfulness and compassion practices as well as healing imagery and breath-work.


CBRT is for anyone wishing a comprehensive training method for building resilience, including living mindfully and compassionately; cultivating well-being, and transforming stress while helping others. Research on CBRT outcomes has shown that it is especially effective at building resilience in people with higher levels of chronic stress, such as people facing major illness or trauma, health providers, humanitarian aid workers, caregivers and teachers.


This program takes place over the course of 8 weeks. Stay tuned for dates of the next offering!


Fees TBA at time of next offering.

This program qualifies as psychological services/treatment.

Dr. Reimer is a registered clinical psychologist, so this service may be covered by extended health benefits if you have them. 

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