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           Mindfulness Based 

          Cognitive Therapy

An 8-week program combining meditation

and cognitive therapy to help you learn to respond effectively to symptoms of

depression, anxiety, and stress


This program is designed for individuals who have struggled with low mood, anxiety, or high stress. It is not recommended as a single path of treatment for a clinical concern, but is excellent for:

> protecting against relapse of


> gaining tools for improved 

    coping with anxiety

>  increasing resilience to stress

> improving quality of life

   through deepening

   connection with oneself

   and one's experience


Stay tuned for upcoming offerings!


In the online format, sessions will take place via videoconference over the course of 8 weeks

Includes evening sessions and a mid-week meditation drop-in

This program is typically offered 1-2 times per year.


Much Does It Cost

The cost for the online program is $850 per person. This includes 8 evening sessions, additional meditation sessions, materials, and individual introductory session (as relevant)

This program qualifies as psychological services/treatment. Dr. Reimer is a registered clinical psychologist, so this service may be covered by extended health benefits if you have them. 


Is Expected of Participants

 Attendance of weekly evening sessions

Daily home practice during

the course of the program

Incorporating learning and change into real life


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